P.S. Extra Large Latex Condoms (12 pack)


P.S. Extra Large Latex Condoms (12 pack)

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A Bigger Better Condom

Extra strong & trusted. We focused on the quality and strength so you can stay focused and in the moment. Our condoms exceed FDA requirements in strength and reliability. We want you performing your best knowing that you’re wearing the best.
100% Vegan for a reason. Most latex condoms contain casein (a dairy byproduct) and other unnatural ingredients, which cause them to stink. Our condoms are 100% vegan so they are clear and odorless. This way, the only animal in your bedroom is you.
Exceptionally thin & perfectly lubricated. Sex is something that is meant to be felt and enjoyed without worry. That is why we provide Extra Large condoms that are 40% thinner than your old brand with just the right amount of lubricant.

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