Kendra Lust Perfect Stroke Ass Masturbator


Kendra Lust Perfect Stroke Ass Masturbator

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This combination of science with the latest in Adult stoker technology form a patented new technology!
Sucks and strokes flaccid and erect penises.
Only device that takes you from flaccid to orgasm.
Perfect for ED-you can ejaculate flaccid or erect!
Created by an IBM Scientist, with a passion for erectile issues.
Built on the principles of Boyle`s Law a principle that describes the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas.
If a gas is compressed in a container, these molecules are pushed together; thus, the gas occupies less volume.
The molecules, having less space in, hit the walls of the container more frequently and an increased pressure.Thus when the Perfect Stroke is squeezed, it creates a natural suction.

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Weight 1.80 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5.75 × 3.75 in


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