Alien Nation Lagos Silicone Stroker – Blue/Purple


Alien Nation Lagos Silicone Stroker – Blue/Purple

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The AlienNation Story: After Earth was struck by a ten-mile wide asteroid, a sixth mass extinction event occurred, ending human civilization as we knew it. What life remained would be mutant, deviant, yet wondrous in it spectral, shape-shifting scope. Welcome to the new Nation. The AlienNation.

The Lagos Story: Lagos was a most imposing creature…with it’s head higher than a crow’s nest on the smashed ships left behind in the meteor’s wake. Yet with its silky soft feel and amazing array of pleasurable curves, nubs, and ridges, it was an immediate favorite among the “sex-positives” of AlienNation!

• Body-safe silicone
• Tantalizing interior channel
• Incredibly detailed inside and out
• Soft to the touch and equally soft to the penis
• Dazzling jewel-line indigo tones
• Alien-goddess entry sure to tantalize any fantasy fan
• Full-sized, sturdy and closed-ended…for rigorous pleasure

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Weight 1.40 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × 11.25 in





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