Alien Nation Komodo Silicone Extender – Green/Gold


Alien Nation Komodo Silicone Extender – Green/Gold

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The AlienNation Story: After Earth was struck by a ten-mile wide asteroid, a sixth mass extinction event occurred, ending human civilization as we knew it. What life remained would be mutant, deviant, yet wondrous in it spectral, shape-shifting scope. Welcome to the new Nation. The AlienNation.

The Komodo Story: The Komodo dragon was once the largest lizard on earth, but after the asteroid it morphed into one of the most coveted cock-extenders.

Adding over an inch in length and an array of scales, nubs and ridges for incredible internal sensations, Komodo went from dangerous to desirous; a favorite among the sexual beings of AlienNation.

• Body-safe silicone
• Sexy fantasy extender
• Adds a full inch in length
• Soft inside, pleasurably finished
• Ball-loop at bottom holds extender in place
• Ridged and ribbed for incredible penetration sensation

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Weight 1.60 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 5 × 11 in





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